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Wildlife Wednesday: Adélie Penguin


In the second installment of Wildlife Wednesday, I think it’s only fair that I feature the Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) given that I am currently researching them at Cape Bird on Ross Island in Antarctica (this post is bought to you (hopefully) by the wonders of modern technology and pre-scheduling of blog posts).

Here a parcel (the collective noun for a group of penguins) of Adélies heads down the beach on a mission to somewhere.  You get these really weird parcels that will waddle for kilometres down the beach before setting off to sea, despite the fact that there is a perfectly good launching point (as far as I can tell) right next to their colony.  I don’t really get it – maybe it is a weight loss strategy?!



2 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Adélie Penguin

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