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Media snippets

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my research featured by a number of media outlets. Below are a few video snippets and radio interviews to keep you entertained.  Thanks to the amazing people who have contributed their talents to putting these works together.

On Thin Ice
Razor Films, TVNZ. 4 & 11 March 2015. [tv documentary]
Nigel Latta is sent to Scott Base, Antarctica to live among the scientists [including the penguin wranglers] and to discover what life on the Ice is really like.

Growth in penguin numbers cold comfort
The Dominion Post. 24 June 2014. [newspaper article]
Penguin numbers in Antarctica are plummeting, but in the western Ross Sea – part of New Zealand’s territory – there are more adelie penguins than at any time in the past 30 years. Deidre Mussen explores the reasons – and why we need to care.

Antarctica: no ordinary place, no ordinary assignment
Air New Zealand & National Geographic. 2014 [videophoto essay]

If spending two months with one other person, squatting in an outhouse bucket-toilet, with no Internet or phones while enduring long hours counting animals every day sounds like an awesome life, then Landcare scientists, Amy and Hamish have the greatest job in the world. (The penguin footage starts at 3:10)

Lonely summer for Antarctic researchers
One News, TVNZ. 02 February 2014. [tv interview]
Antarctic researchers are spending their summer with thousands of penguins.

Penguin chick numbers fall in Antarctica
One News, TVNZ. 01 February 2014. [tv interview]
Chick survival rates have fallen this season at a much-studied penguin colony in Antarctica.

Award winning research: Get more ducks for your bucks
New Zealand Foundation for Science, Research & Technology. 9 September 2009.

Runner-up of this year’s MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year Awards Amy Whitehead describes how her research can help save New Zealand’s endangered blue duck. Her work can also be used to save other threatened species.

Amy Whitehead: saving the whio
Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand National. 29 August 2009. [radio interview]
Overall runner-up at the 2009 MacDiarmid Young Scientists of the Year Awards who is researching conservation of the whio, or blue duck.

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