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Wildlife Wednesday: Antarctica

Now I realise that Antarctica technically isn’t wildlife. But it’s full of wildlife, albeit of a somewhat limited variety (we saw a total of 10 species of vertebrates, plus a couple of crustaceans and some algae in two months). And it only seems fair that I share some of that wildlife with you. I haven’t had time to properly edit the ~65GB of photos we took at Cape Bird this year, so here is a photo for every one of the 56 days we were in Antarctica. I hope you’ll forgive me the odd non-wildlife photo!  Hovering over a photo will give you some inane caption, while you can click on one and enter slideshow mode for a better view.  Enjoy!

More southern stories will follow soon….

Wildlife Wednesday: Leopard Seal


One of the main predators of Adélie penguins is the leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx).  We don’t see many of these at Cape Bird as we don’t really have the right sea ice conditions at the time of year we’re there.  So I only have one really bad photo taken from really far away on a day when the light was terrible.


But I do have some “nice” shots of a failed leopard seal attack.  Failed in the sense that the leopard seal didn’t get lunch but the poor penguin didn’t survive and became dinner for some grateful skua.

Adelie penguin