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Wildlife Wednesday: Orca


Hopefully by now I have escaped the parcels of penguins at Cape Bird and have returned the slightly more digitally connected world*.  But given that the weather rarely plays the game, here’s one last automated wildlife wednesday post featuring another member of the Cape Bird family, the orca (Orcinus orca).  We get a lot of orca cruising along the coast, with over 50 individuals present in some pods.


It’s pretty impressive to watch but they rarely come close enough to the shore to get very decent photos.  So today I’m cheating a little bit! The observant among you will notice the houses and trees in the background suggesting that this probably isn’t Antarctica.  These orca were actually off the coast of Vancouver and we were in a very little rubber boat a little bit too close for comfort!  Both the Vancouver orca and the ones that we get at Cape Bird are of the fish-eating variety and don’t prey on penguins very often (particularly the Vancouver ones – that would be quite the delivery fee!)

* I did actually make it back to the real world and am now sweltering in Melbourne where the outside temperature is at least 25°C warmer than I’ve been living in for the last month.  I’m just glad I missed the heat wave!