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Wildlife Wednesday: Crabeater seal

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Whoops!  It turns out that last week I accidentally published a photo of a crabeater seal (Lobodon carcinophagus) in my Weddell seal post.  While this is somewhat embarrassing, it is also kind of cool as I didn’t know that I’d even seen a crabeater seal, let alone photographed it. Although they are the most abundant seal on the planet, they are pretty rare at Cape Bird.  But it turns out that we had one haul out up the creek the first season I was here and I didn’t even realise.  It was just lucky I guess that I stopped to take a picture.


Despite their name, crabeater seals don’t actually eat crabs.  They feed predominantly on Antarctic krill and have specially adapted teeth that they use to filter the krill out in much the same way that baleen whales feed.


One thought on “Wildlife Wednesday: Crabeater seal

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